Massimo Giordano was born in Naples, Italy and even as a young child found himself drawn to the arts. 

As a working architect at the firm Gregotti Associati International in Milan, Italia, he participated in several foreign projects that won First Prize in the  International Design Competition among them the “ New residential district in Pijuan area”, “Urban Renewal of the Wai Tan Yuan Area” and “Pijuan new town for a 100,000 inhabitants” in Shanghai, China, as well as the design for the New Opera Theatre in Aix-en-Provence, France.

Giordano’s proficient work is not only in the field of the Architecture but in the Art field as well. In 2004 his paintings were nominated for the Premio Pescara, Italy and he won the 2nd place at the Premio Espoarte Giovani – Papa Giulio II, International Prize of Visual Arts Espoarte 2003, in Liguria, Italy.

His paintings have been in exposition since 2003 at several galleries in Milan, Miami and New York. Massimo currently resides in  South Beach  Florida where is art is displayed in various venues.

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My work embraces a classical approach regarding choice of materials; I paint with oil on canvas. The subject matter is the human figure. Large-scale figures achieved through the use of altimetry. Color is the third visual component essential to the formation of my work.

My application of paint is fluid and organic, no abrupt angles or spatia interruptions are presented in the field, all space is considered with equal attention, the separations of positive and negative is achieved through color variation while the surface remains intact.

Paint follows shape as intent follows mood, thus merging the physical with the conceptual aspects of my process.


Life’s most precious asset is time. Time is how mankind organizes and categorizes thoughts and memories. Memories are the essential components and inspirations of my work. I relate people in my life to a specific moment in time and immortalize the moment on canvas through my painting. Time stops within the borders of my surface, allowing me to live eternally in the moment.

I create internal contradictions in my work, as my interest ranges from organic nature of the canvas and the figure I depict, to the artificial nature of oil paint, glossy and synthetic. It is a basic confrontation of passion and technology sharing the same plane.

The schematic aesthetics of my architectural background and the organic passionate curves of the figure intertwine into a topographically constructed fluid figure, frozen in my memory, and linking my past to my present.


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